Professional counselling in Exeter and Tiverton
by a trained and qualified practitioner

For individuals

Do you feel anxious or sad, and don't know why?

Is something troubling you that is holding you back?

Are you going through some changes and need a little help?

Do you lack motivation?

Are you feeling stuck?

I would love to be the one to help, so I am offering an initial consultation for you to decide if I am the right person to fill that important role. If you feel comfortable with me, then great! We can make arrangements to work together, short or long-term, on your very human problems.

For some, counselling might involve challenging long-held beliefs that are not helpful, or exploring how experiences from the past (relationships, boarding school, bereavement, abuse, abandonment) might be affecting their lives today. Whatever issues you bring, your individual needs will dictate how we work together.

There is no charge for your initial consultation Thereafter my rate is £40 per hour.

To discuss your needs please give me a call in absolute confidence: 07976 484828

I adhere to, and believe in, the BACP's code of ethics.

"For me it was the process of unpacking my life, examining the contents, and re-packing it again that really opened my eyes!"
"I was very nervous at first, but you have a natural warmth that made me feel ok to be me"
"Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakes"
Carl Jung

For group work

Do you suffer from low self-esteem, social anxiety or general shyness?

Do you lack self-confidence?

Do you fancy trying something different from one-to-one counselling?

The therapeutic benefits of West African drumming are well documented. I have been teaching djembe professionally for 13 years, and will be running small groups of upto 8 like-minded people for those wishing to find their own voice.

To discuss your needs please give me a call in absolute confidence: 07976 484828

"Adam's patience, sense of humour and ability to translate the complexities of African drum music to the level of his students ensured the success of each member of our group."
"I am a school teacher myself, and I have noted his knack for giving us just the right amount of challenge without overwhelming us."